Edgar St Macquarie Fields (Jumu’ah only)



58 Edgar St, Macquarie Fields NSW 2564, Australia (open map).

Held inside Mary Mother of the Church. Around 200 car park space available, please park your car inside the premises and not outside on street please help us to run this place without parking issue

Iqamah Times

FajrNot prayed
ZuhrNot prayed
AsrNot prayed
MaghribNot prayed
EshaNot prayed
Jummah Khutbah1:15 pm, 1:45 pm, 2:15 pm

Khutba in Arabic & English
Bring your own prayer mat
Book your entry ticket to Jummah online at www.iec.org.au and follow the terms and conditions of entry.

Session 1——— 1:15 pm
Session 2 ——— 1:45 pm
Session 3 ——— 2:15 pm
No registration no entry
www.iec.org.au go for registration and follow the page

Last updated January 16, 2021. Suggest updates.


Wudu facilities available. And we have around 200 car park space please don’t park your car outside Street.

Women’s Jummah prayer area currently not available.


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