Yagoona Musalla



438 Hume Hwy, Yagoona NSW 2199, Australia (open map).

Entry through front side Hume Highway, can park on hume high way and in the back through Cooper lane. Half an hour parking in front of musalla on Hume Highway and other long time parking in Cooper Lane behind the premises.

Iqamah Times

Fajr5:40 am
Zuhr12:30 pm
Asr3:45 pm
Maghrib10 mins after athaan
Esha7:00 pm
Jummah Khutbah12:00 pm, 12:30 pm, 1:00 pm

Currently closed due to COVID-19 lockdown.

English Translation First then Arabic Khutbah

Last updated July 11, 2021. Suggest updates.


This Musalla is open 24 hours, Jumu’ah prayer and five time prayer, Wudu and toilet facilities are available for men and women separately
Khidmah – cold drinks, bottled water, chocolate dates are provided as a gift for musalleen free of cost

For donations to the musalla, transfer to:

Account name- nafahatul mamun tazkiyah centre

BSB- 062111

AC – 11274194

commonwealth bank

Women facilities are available

1. After magrib and fajr muraqaba meditation

2. First saturday of every month after magrib – Maktoobat Mahfil, reading from Maktoobat e imam Robbani by Sheikh Ahmad sirhindi Farooqi Mujaddid alfe sani r

3. sheikh Dr Shah Mohammad Abdul Karim is teaching zikr e Qalbi for purification of Qalb according to Toriqa Naqshbandia khas mujaddidiyyah

4. Every Thursday after esha prayer zikr e rasool saws mawlid shareef followed by tabarruk distributions

5. Baiyah on four toriqah to achieve Qalb e saleem and nafs e mutmainnah and Tazkiyah practice through the sabaq of toriqah naqshbandia khas mujaddidiyah are available for 24/7


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