Macquarie Fields Musalla



50 Saywell Road, Macquarie Fields NSW 2564, Australia (open map).

Go up the stairs, next to Manoush Pizza store. On top of My Reality real estate. Please avoid parking in front of the shops as there have been complaints. Please use the parking available nearby that is not directly in front of the neighbouring shops.

Iqamah Times

FajrNot prayed
ZuhrNot prayed
AsrNot prayed
MaghribNot prayed
EshaNot prayed
Jummah KhutbahNot prayed

Jumu'ah prayed in the Church on 58 Edgar st at 1:10pm. Khutba is in English.
Women’s Prayer area also available

Last updated April 22, 2020. Suggest updates.


Wudu facilities available, to the left of the entrance all the way at the back. Some books available for use.

Women’s area temporarily not available.

Monday Maghrib to Isha about Deen & Iman Tafsir with local scholars
Wednesday after Maghrib to Isha IEC members general meeting.
Thursday 5-9pm: Children’s Arabic/Quran classes with Mufti Hamid Ullah.
Friday 5-7pm: Children’s Arabic/Quran classes with Mufti Hamid Ullah.
Saturday 9:30-2:30pm: Children’s Arabic/Hifz class with Mufti Hamid Ullah.
Sunday after Fajr: Tafseer Class with Mufti Hamid Ullah and Adult Qur’an Classes.
And from 9:30am for whole day special discussion about Din And Iman organised by local Muslim scholars.

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