Reservoir Musalla

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6 Thackeray Rd, Reservoir VIC 3073, Australia (open map).

Iqamah Times

FajrNot prayed
ZuhrNot prayed
AsrNot prayed
MaghribNot prayed
EshaNot prayed
Jummah KhutbahNot prayed

Last updated March 23, 2020. Suggest updates.


1 Enter from the front of the building. Simple wudu facilities in front of the musalla
2.Toilet is located behind the house (next to the clotheslines)..take a walk along the driveway
3.Open 24/7 inshaaAllah
4.Please do not block driveways or park too close to driveways that will cause inconvenience to neighbours
5.Please do not gather outside the musalla and talking loudly as it will cause disturbance to neighbours.

No women’s facilities available

Every Wednesday after maghrib there will be short Islamic lecture (bayan) on qualities of companions of the Prophet Peace be upon him, followed usually by some refreshment.
After Asr will be the program of Ziyarat(visiting fellow Muslims).


No contact information available.

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